Live cultured coral made in Belgium.

A sustainable way for our hobby to thrive.
Our engagements

Provide the ornamental coral of tomorrow

Why farmed coral?


Selected and colored species that will thrive in captive conditions unlike wild or maricultured specimens.


Think global! Together we can stop the harvest on the reefs and put an end to shippings throughout the globe.


Act local! We aim to provide only "made in Belgium" corals on the european saltwater aquarium market.


Our project

The project was born from the following question: how to reduce the impact of the marine aquarium hobby on the environment?

Ecopora is a project of coral farm located in Belgium that banish imports and collection in the wild. There is currently no such farm in Belgium, and the demand for sustainable corals is growing in the hobby.


estimated year of extinction of coral reefs


of the global marine life lives there


of coral reefs were lost in the last 40 years


The development of our project.

Our project first started in 2015. One of our project leaders – being an aquarist and a lover of the marine world – started questioning the legitimacy of his hobby. How to reconcile one’s passion with one’s love for the Ocean? The corals available on the market are usually collected in nature, or come from mariculture. This technique of cultivation exploits the reefs with responsibility, but once harvested these corals are delivered in Europe, which produces a lot polluting emissions, therefore it goes against our eco-friendly values.

Thus, three students of the Université Catholique of Louvain decided, as part of their interdisciplinary training in business creation, to “Think global and act local”, just like René Dubos said during the 1972 UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm.

  • Sep. 2015
    Birth of Candy Corals.
  • Oct. 2016
    The project joins the Yncubator, which aims to develop and incubate young entrepreneurs in the province of Brabant Walllon. Candy Corals is also endowed with a coach: Pierre De Muelenaere.
  • Dec. 2016
    Candy Corals wins the first prize for the “Best business plan” during the finals of the Start Academy, a competition of Business creation projects in which every students entrepreneurs in Belgium can participate.
  • Feb. 2017
    Validation of our Business Model Canevas, the market research starts.
  • Mar. 2017
    Establishment of a partnership with Philips, which provides us with their lighting modules "CoralCare" for our prototype.
  • Apr. 2017
    Our project wins the First Prize in “Sustainable Development, local distribution network, bio and energy” category during the Mind & Market exhibition in Louvain-la-Neuve.
  • May 2017
    Launch of the prototype in the Marine Biology laboratory of UCL, under the supervision of Professor Jérôme Mallefet and with the support of Reef Depot.
  • Aug. 2017
    Defence of our Thesis realised as part of the CPME formation.
  • Sep. 2017
    The project evolves, so does the team. Candy Corals becomes Ecopora.
  • Sept. 2018
    We are looking for investors and partners. Feel free to contact us!
The team

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate and dynamic people lead by an experienced mentor.
Edouard Vangangel
Experienced aquarist with diplomas in entrepreneurship (CPME) at the Louvain School of Management, and in Bioengineering at the Université Catholique of Louvain.
Julien Glinne
Experienced aquarist with a diploma in Marketing at the École Pratique des Hautes Études Commerciales (EPHEC).
Pierre De Muelenaere
A Civil engineer and a Professor in Applied Science, Pierre De Muelenaere is the former founder and CEO of IRIS. He is also Director of the board at Proximus, Pairi Daiza and Guberna and a member of the investment committee Qbic. As a Coach at Yncubator, the team benefits of his experience and expertise in the entrepreneurial world.
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